Master is the electronic version of the German traditional The Mill Game
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Master is the electronic version of the German traditional game known as The Mill Game (Mühlespiel). With Master, you can play Mill Game vs your computer, receive hints for your play, make annotations, etc.

The Mill Game is an old traditional board game, which has been played in different variations since the Bronze Age. The probably best-known and most popular variation is the so-called Modern Mill, which is played between two players with 9 play stones each, on a 24-field board. Master is divided in 3 windows: The board, Moves, and Menu.

The goal of the game is to 'steal' any 7 of the opponent’s 9 play stones, or enclose them in a way that the opponent cannot move any stone.

Game Rules

The play can be divided in 3 stages:

1. The opening – the players place their play stones in the board.

Both players place one play stone on this Board alternately, until all play stones are used. In this stage, nobody wins or loses.

2. The middle play – Moving the play stones.

After the opening, the players move a play stone to a neighboring field, also alternately. If a stone is moved so that 3 stones of the same player stand in a row (mill), this player can 'steal" one stone of his opponent. Nevertheless, this stone may not stand within a mill of the opponent. By the way, it is allowed to open an existing mill by shifting a stone, and to close it in the next turn.

3. Final - jumping

As soon as a player has only 3 stones, he may jump his stone to any field on the board. The jumping is an advantage, because the concerning player cannot be enclosed by his opponent. Indeed, the player with 3 stones has lost if he loses another stone

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